Meeting Times & Locations:

Third Friday of

every month
Time: 12:00 noon


Fisherman’s Wharf
2200 Harborside Dr.

Texas 77550

Galveston County Criminal Defense Lawyers Association

The purpose of the Galveston County Criminal Lawyer's Association is to protect and insure by rule of law those individual rights guaranteed by the laws of the State of Texas, the Texas and Federal Constitutions in criminal cases and to resist the constant efforts which are being made to curtail these rights; to encourage cooperation between lawyers engaged in the furtherance of these objectives through educational programs and other assistance; sponsor educational programs and seminars on a local basis; receive reports on legislation on the State level involving criminal law and promote legislation in furtherance of justice and the common good in criminal law; promote local court rules and procedures in furtherance of justice and the common good; promote relations with local judicial and law enforcement officers; through this cooperation, education, and assistance to promote justice and the common good and otherwise further the common goals, interest and education of the criminal defense bar of Galveston County, Texas.